Guesstimating emissions: Let’s stop now

Why does it matter? ‘Guesstimation’ works for some things. For example, how many tennis balls would fit in a bus? You could probably guesstimate that. Or to work out how many gallons of white paint are sold in the U.S. every year. Or, if you really wanted to know, how many square feet of pizza […]

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Auditors: the unsung heroes of climate accountability

Can you imagine a world where sports matches happened without referees, or where students were always allowed to mark their own homework? It would be chaos – and no one would trust the results without an independent third-party to verify there had been no cheating and everyone was treated fairly. The same logic needs to […]

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An Open Letter to Oil and Gas Executives

Why your company risks losing its competitive edge to methane emissions Dear CEOs, We understand – you’ve got a big job on your hands. You’re under pressure from all sides: regulators, investors, and consumers, all clamouring for you to demonstrate that you’re taking steps to reduce your environmental impact, as soon as you can. But […]

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The ultimate cheat sheet for navigating methane emissions at COP26

Is Biden really going to start taxing cow farts? Why do people keep describing methane emissions in annoying corporate terms like responsibly sourced-differentiated-mine’s-better-than-yours gas? All the methane questions you were too scared to ask, answered: 1. New kid on the block CO2 is like methane’s older sister: taller, louder, and stealing all the limelight. But methane […]

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Profit equals conflict? It does in the world of certified natural gas

If an aircraft manufacturer declared that its most crash-prone aircraft was safe, would you take a flight in it? Was the reliance on market discipline and self-regulatory mechanisms a factor in the financial crisis of 2008? As these questions make clear, there will always be an ongoing tension as to whether companies or sectors should […]

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What is the Methane Supply Index and how could it work?

Solving the regulatory puzzle of methane emissions from imported natural gas. Regulators and Governments across the EU are being faced with a particularly tricky puzzle. As they source and import gas to power their domestic operations, how can they monitor, and reduce, methane emissions? We can think of the EU’s gas network like an expansive […]

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Essential Elements: Why MiQ’s certification is the regulator’s best option

As we go about our lives as consumers, we’re faced with limitless choices. How can you pick between a pair of running shoes all with marginally different benefits; thousands of ovens with slightly different cooking times; hairdryers with 50 different settings you didn’t know you needed?  It can be incredibly confusing to differentiate between brands, products and price points. But at least as consumers, we know the products we invest in all generally adhere […]

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Methane: A Threat to People and Planet

Methane is out of control and we need to manage it—to protect people and the planet.

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The Methane Moment: An Interview with Debbie Gordon

Debbie Gordon is a senior principal in the Climate Intelligence Program at RMI, where she leads the Oil and Gas Solutions Initiative.

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Low hanging fruit: A market-based solution to climate change

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our global future. Our sea levels are rising, our droughts are becoming more severe, our forests are burning, and our storms are becoming more extreme.

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As simple as A, B, C – 3 easy steps to reduce methane emissions

If you asked which greenhouse gas has an extreme impact on global warming and continues to increase each year, CO2 would probably at the forefront of most people’s minds.

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Methane emissions certification – a global solution to a global problem

We are at a critical juncture in the fight against climate change. At least, that is what Governments, marketers, and companies the world over tell us. But then why aren’t they talking about methane emissions?

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Halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – let’s start by tackling methane emissions

If we do not halve our annual greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this decade, our 2050 net zero targets will be out of reach.

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Investors Need to Focus on Methane Emissions

If we are to drive down methane emissions, the investment community should look to leverage its influence to encourage producers to address methane emissions.

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Certification and Methane Emissions in EU Import Regulations

Certification can significantly reduce methane emissions and simplify complex import regulations for the EU.

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Searching for Methane in Net Zero policy? You are not alone…

If LNG is going to compete against other energy sources for its place as part of the energy transition, then the non-transparent nature of the industry must change, and fast.

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How to solve the LNG methane question?

If LNG is going to compete against other energy sources for its place as part of the energy transition, then the non-transparent nature of the industry must change, and fast.

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Setting the Standard for methane emissions abatement

The future must be powered by 100% clean energy. Our mission is to reduce the climate impact of methane emissions from the oil and gas sector until we get there.

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The Role of Gas in the Energy Transition

Whether we can avoid exceeding 1.5°C of warming depends on the global gas industry’s willingness to solve the most important problem…

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What Is Methane and Why Does It Matter?

Unless we dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the world is headed for a temperature rise of 1.5°C above preindustrial levels.

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