Past Events

Inform and Reform: Methane emissions in LNG

The role of independent certification in incentivising methane emissions abatement in the global LNG market.

15 September 2021 Read more

North American Natural Gas Buyers Workshop

Discuss with us the roles institutional gas buyers can play to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the near term as part of the clean energy transition.

18 June 2021 Read more

Green finance, methane, and the clean energy transition

The role of finance in reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector as part of the clean energy transition.

5 May 2021 Read more

MiQ at S&P Global Platts LNG Virtual Conference

We believe there is a significant opportunity to adopt a standardised global methodology for determining methane emissions across the LNG value chain.

30 March 2021 Read more

Differentiating the global gas market

On 4th February, we hosted our first event as MiQ, which focused on the role differentiated natural gas can play in methane abatement efforts.

4 February 2021 Read more

MiQ at Florence School of Regulation webinar on the EU methane strategy

On 4 December 2020, MiQ’s George Tijbosch will be speaking at a joint webinar organised by the Florence School of Regulation and the Environmental Defense Fund – ‘The impact of the EU methane strategy on the natural gas market’.

3 December 2020 Read more