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Analysis: A potent force – making a market for methane emissions

With atmospheric methane emissions at an all-time high in 2021, CEO Georges Tijbosch explains how MiQ Certification can complement government regulation and help the oil and gas industry curb methane emissions.

14 January 2022 Read more

Chesapeake Achieves ESG ‘First’ for Legacy Haynesville Shale Gas Operations

Hart Energy covers the announcement that Chesapeake Energy achieved certification under the MiQ and EO100TM standards.

23 December 2021 Read more

BP Gains MiQ Natural Gas Certification for Haynesville Wells in Texas

Natural Gas Intelligence’s Carolyn Davis reports on the announcement that bp gained MiQ Certification for its South Haynesville facility.

23 December 2021 Read more

S&P Global – Certified natural gas: Midstream sector begins embracing concept, standards

S&P Global Platts’ Kelsey Hallahan and Emmanuel Corral examine the growth of certified natural gas based on environmental standards.

14 October 2021 Read more

Natural Gas World – MiQ: the case for voluntary action

Lara Owens spoke to Joseph Murphy at Natural Gas World about MiQ welcoming the incoming regulation, but still seeing voluntary action as playing a crucial role in addressing emissions.

20 September 2021 Read more

S&P Global – ExxonMobil is latest US producer to seek certification of some natural gas output

S&P Global Platts’s Harry Weber covers the announcement that Exxon Mobil is to seek certification of its natural gas production based on methane emissions.

7 September 2021 Read more

Bloomberg – Exxon to Have Gas Graded for Methane Leaks Amid Climate Push

Bloomberg Green’s Kevin Crowley writes on Exxon Mobil’s partnership with MiQ and its plans to seek certification of some of its natural gas production in the Permian Basin.

7 September 2021 Read more

Reuters – Exxon to begin certifying some shale gas emissions amid investor pressure

Sabrina Valle at Reuters reports that Exxon Mobil has partnered with MiQ and become the latest U.S. natural gas producer to seek certification of its production based on methane emissions.

7 September 2021 Read more

Redefining Energy – Methane, the invisible elephant in the room

Listen to an in-depth interview with MiQ’s Senior Advisor Georges Tijbosch on the latest Redefining Energy podcast, ‘Methane – the invisible elephant in the room’.

1 September 2021 Read more

S&P Global – MiQ nears start of issuing methane emissions certificates

Stuart Elliott of S&P Global Platts interviews George Tijbosch ahead of first issuance of MiQ certificates.

11 August 2021 Read more

Energy Monitor – How pricing methane from the oil and gas industry can slash emissions

Justin Gerdes from Energy Monitor reports on the MiQ Standard, citing Georges Tijbosch’s comments on how MiQ Certification will incentivise the oil and gas industry to slash emissions and bring a level playing field for the sector.

3 August 2021 Read more

Financial Times – Sliding US power emissions still lag Biden’s ambitions

The Financial Times Energy Source newsletter mentions MiQ and quotes Georges Tijbosch in a section on the EU methane regime’s impact on US LNG.

20 July 2021 Read more

Natural Gas Intelligence – Natural Gas Export Market Searching for Stability in the ‘Wild West’ of Carbon-Neutral Trading

Amid the LNG industry’s increased efforts for transparency on carbon-neutral LNG cargoes, MiQ will soon roll out a Standard for LNG – developed together with Carbon Limits. Ongoing pilots with U.S. Producers of natural gas already offer one of the necessary elements to LNG suppliers to assess upstream supply chain emissions.

15 July 2021 Read more

The LNG Wrap Podcast – Inform and Reform

Pat Roberts chats to Saima Yarrow of MiQ about the current challenge to inform suppliers and buyers of methane emissions associated with their LNG supply chains and also how to reform these through methane abatement activities.

17 May 2021 Read more

Natural Gas World – Groups extend methane Standard to global LNG sector

In the wake of the United Nations Environment Programme’s publication earlier this month of a new report on global methane emissions, two established certification organisations said May 13 they will collaborate to help reduce methane emissions from the production and transport of liquefied natural gas.

13 May 2021 Read more

S&P Global – European buyers trending toward ‘greener’ gas in contracting

Along with the need to tackle CO2 emissions, methane leakage is now rising to the top of the agenda of the energy sector, with many gas and LNG buyers in Europe set to consider the issue in contractual negotiations with suppliers.

2 March 2021 Read more

Environment Journal – Interview: Why we must not overlook methane emissions

Environment Journal talks to Georges Tijbosch, senior advisor at MiQ, an independent, not-for-profit partnership that aims to facilitate a reduction in methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

10 February 2021 Read more – Is Clean Gas Worth The Premium?

Methane certification has the potential to help the new priorities by providing companies with the means – and motivation – to reduce their methane footprint and by helping government regulators develop rules for emissions by setting standards for these emissions.

8 February 2021 Read more

S&P Global – MiQ eyes role for methane emissions standard in global gas trade

The certification of gas supply based on its methane emissions performance could become a key component in global gas trade in the future, a senior official at a newly launched methane emissions partnership said in an interview with S&P Global Platts.

11 January 2021 Read more

Air Quality News – Certification process to reduce methane emissions

A new certification process will aim to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas production.

2 December 2020 Read more