2023 Decarbonizing Oil & Gas Summit

MIQ Speakers

Sharon Paterson

Senior Advisor, Americas

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MiQ Senior Advisor Sharon Paterson appeared on two panels at Decarbonizing Oil & Gas Week, both focusing on reducing emissions in the oil and gas industry.


25th September - 27th September


26 September 2023 panel: 4:10 PM CST, 27 September 2023 panel: 9:10 AM CST


Houston, TX, USA


External speakers

26 September 2023 panel, 'Improving Industry Collaboration to Accelerate Decarbonization':
Emily Easley, CEO, NOVUS Energy Advisors
Jennifer Turner, Energy Director, Equitable Origin
Sean Stephan, Director of Commercial & Sustainability, Occidental Chemical Corporation
Susan Ninan, Principal Environment, Sustainability, Woodside

27 September 2023 panel, 'Gas Certification Standards: Cutting Methane Emissions from US Oil & Gas':
Roy Hartstein, Founder and President, Responsible Energy Solutions