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Sharon Paterson

Director, Business Development

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MiQ Senior Advisor Sharon Paterson appeared on the panel 'Empowering Women in Energy: Tomorrow is Together' on 12 September 2023, in which speakers discussed how men and women can support each other in the energy industry.


9th September - 11th September


3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CST


Chicago, IL, USA


External speakers

Nicole Brunner, Manager, New Energy Supply, Enbridge Gas Inc.
Max Hagerman, Director S&T Sales, Enbridge Gas Inc.
Sara Fok, Structuring Manager, Amp Americas
Kirsten Higgins, Vice President - Renewable Natural Gas, Anew
François Crépeau, Senior Director Gas Supply, Énergir
Kristine Wiley, VP, Low Carbon Energy Solutions, GTI Energy
Samantha Richardson, VP - Commercial Operations, Tallgrass Energy