Methane Mitigation Global Summit 2023

MIQ Speakers

Michael Rabbani

Director, Standards and Certification

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Michael Rabbani spoke at three events during the conference, including the panel 'Streamlining Company-Level Measurement and Reporting of Methane Emissions Data'.


20th June - 23rd June


Workshop on 20 June 2023: 12:30 PM CDT, Panel on 21 June 2023: 4:10 PM CDT, Panel on 22 June 2023: 11:05 CDT


Houston, TX. USA


External speakers

Panel on 21 June 2023 'MiQ/EO Joint Certification for the Emerging Certified Gas Market':
Jennifer Turner, Energy Director, Equitable Origin

Panel on 22 June 2023 'Streamlining Company-Level Measurement and Reporting of Methane Emissions Data':
Rusty Shaw, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Denbury Inc
Dario Buccellato, Energy Transition Manager, The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP)
Karen Nielsen, Director, Air Quality Permitting and Compliance, Kinder Morgan
Michael Rabbani, Director – Standards and Certification, MiQ