Applyingthe Standard

Designing a practical standard to assess the industry


An MiQ Certificate is issued for each batch of gas originating from a certified upstream facility, with a certificate grade that indicates the facility’s overall methane emissions performance. That MiQ Certificate lives in a registry.

The producer is responsible for proving that the batch of certified gas it produces is delivered to a gas hub or offtake location. The certificates are created in the registry after proof of transport.

The gas purchaser buys the certified gas at the hub or offtake location from the producer.

An MiQ Certificate represents the methane emissions performance attributes of a batch of gas. The attributes may only be claimed through retirement of the MiQ Certificate, which may be requested by account holders in the registry. Upon MiQ Certificate retirement, the MiQ Certificate account holder will be able to request a retirement statement from the certificate issuing body containing all relevant information on the MiQ Certificate.