MiQ spoke at Energy Community Secretariat’s Methane Monday Webinar

CEO Georges Tijbosch presented on MiQ at the first of the Energy Community Secretariat’s Methane Mondays webinar series of 2022 on 7th February from 14:30 – 15:30 CET.

Following an introduction by Karolina Čegir, Senior Gas Expert at the Energy Community Secretariat, Georges provided an overview of:

  • The scale of the challenge and the opportunity to reduce methane emissions in the natural gas industry.
  • MiQ’s gas certification system, which allows natural gas to be credibly certified based on its methane emissions performance on a simple A-F scale. MiQ has developed a standard for upstream production, and has since developed standard for boosting and gathering, processing and LNG, with another standard for pipelines currently under development.
  • The benefits of MiQ certification for gas operators and buyers, and our wider emissions targets.  
  • MiQ’s Certified Supply Chain, which allows the oil and gas industry to understand the emissions impact of gas across the entire supply chain.
  • How the MiQ Standard is designed to complement government regulation, such as the EU Methane Strategy, and international climate commitments, like Global Methane Pledge.

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session.

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