North American Natural Gas Buyers Workshop

August 26th 2021 at 11am – 1pm EDT (New York)

MiQ, an independent, not-for-profit partnership between RMI and Systemiq, partnering with Equitable Origin and Pembina Institute, invites you to join them for an online workshop to discuss the roles institutional gas buyers can play to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the near term as part of the clean energy transition.

This workshop is designed to support natural gas buyers learning how to market certified low-methane natural gas, how to use it as part of ESG reporting, and how to buy it in this growing differentiated marketplace.

This online workshop will include a keynote from Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI, and Gerda Frans, corporate social responsibility officer for Engie, with special guest Vincent Regnault, director of gas supply at Energir.

What you will learn at the workshop:

  1. What is “differentiated” or “certified” or “responsibly sourced” natural gas.
  2. What attributes should it have, what does it include, how to know what to ask for, or ask what’s in an offering,
  3. How do certifications work.
  4. Tips to structure a deal or put out a Request for Proposal.
  5. How to find currently available certified natural gas.
  6. How other buyers benefited from certified natural.

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