About Sunny Uberoi

Head of Public Affairs

Sunny Uberoi is Head of Public Affairs at MiQ (Methane Intelligence), a not-for-profit climate tech foundation undertaking cutting-edge work to reduce methane emissions in the oil and gas sector.

Sunny is a seasoned communications strategist who has worked in senior roles across diverse sectors, including healthcare, biotechnology, computational science, and financial services. Sunny has advised companies specializing in cancer, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and security token offerings. He is on the board of Envetec Sustainable Technologies, an Irish-based clean technology company solving for the 91 million tons of biohazardous waste generated daily.

Sunny has also served as the global head of communications for S&P Global Market Intelligence, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Sunny graduated with honours from Manchester Metropolitan University (Economics) and has a master’s in marketing from Manchester Business School.