Why certification?

A third way

MiQ certification is the “third way” between regulation and voluntary company action – differentiating producers based on their methane emissions performance and incentivising businesses to improve because it simply makes good climate – and business – sense.

Gas buyers rarely have any credible assessment of the methane emissions performance of a batch of gas they are buying, and regulators have no credible way to assess and compare the methane performance of any batch of natural gas that imported into their jurisdiction.

Working together with the energy and environment sector, MiQ has developed a universally applicable system to credibly certify and differentiate natural gas based on its methane emissions performance, at a granular level.

Our approach provides buyers with the transparency they have long sought to enable them to choose natural gas with lower methane emissions performance, therefore incentivising producers to improve their offering.

But surely regulation is the answer?  

We welcome the increasing action from Governments and regulators across the globe.

But so far, measures with the ability to make a difference in the coming years have been few and far between.  Non-committal pledges, new institutes and yearly reports are providing some progress, but we need action today.

This is why at MiQ we decided to design but also implement the first certified natural gas global framework – a market based standard. Crucially, it has been specifically designed with longevity in mind, and will evolve with science, methane tech and be compatible with other credible frameworks as they evolve and emerge.

Why MiQ?

A partnership with MiQ demonstrates a credible, independent evaluation of methane emissions performance and a commitment to transparency and improvement.

Our standard is:

✅ Independent
✅ Third-party audited
✅ Technology neutral
✅ Open source
✅ Free from conflicts of interest

Our process is thorough, robust and third party verified – independently audited by established and trusted auditors with in-depth expertise.

In addition, it is deconflicted – delivered not for profit to avoid adverse outcomes.

It is also designed for the future: to collaborate not compete with regulators to ensure maximum global effectiveness.

Finally, our process is end to end. it follows the product along the supply chain from the production asset to entry to the importing zone.

The system we have designed has the power to improve methane emissions performance standards, creating measurable action on climate change.

For Operators

MiQ Certification enables operators to:

For Third-Party Auditors

Third-party auditors can become MiQ Certification bodies:

For Regulators

MiQ was designed to be adopted into regulation:

For Buyers

MiQ Certification gives buyers the information they need:

For Service Providers

For Investors

Methane emissions are increasingly relevant to investors’ decisions: