The Methane Mission

We already certify 10 bcf per day of the world’s gas – approximately 2.5% of the global gas market.

Our goal is to get to 100% within the next decade.

MiQ’s approach aligns with the Global Methane Pledge, as we transition to a world run on clean energy.


Learn more MiQ is an independent, not-for-profit Foundation established by RMI and SYSTEMIQ to facilitate a rapid reduction in methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

What is the MiQ Standard?

Our standard drives climate action: creating incentives for the drastic reduction of methane emissions across the oil and gas sector, by delivering a thriving market for certified natural gas.

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Most recent adopters

North Louisiana, USA East Texas, USA
Poker Lake, New Mexico, USA
Haynesville Shale, USA Appalachia, USA

Latest News & Insights

Methane: COP26

Over the last week, methane has firmly taken centre stage. We’ve seen the launch of the International Methane Emissions Observatory, the Global Methane Pledge, a new action plan from the US, lots of leaders & companies promising to do the right thing. The level of ambition is fantastic and could lead to environmental and economic […]

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MiQ partners with Comstock Resources, Inc to certify natural gas production

MiQ will certify gas produced from the Haynesville Shale in North Louisiana and East Texas  Comstock Resources to work with MiQ to differentiate natural gas according to methane intensity      Certification part of company’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions    MiQ and Comstock Resources, Inc. (NYSE: CRK) have announced a partnership to independently certify natural gas produced in the Haynesville Shale.   Comstock will use the MiQ Standard, a framework that assesses and grades methane emissions intensity, enhanced monitoring technology deployment, and […]

3 November 2021 Read more

An Open Letter to Oil and Gas Executives

Why your company risks losing its competitive edge to methane emissions Dear CEOs, We understand – you’ve got a big job on your hands. You’re under pressure from all sides: regulators, investors, and consumers, all clamouring for you to demonstrate that you’re taking steps to reduce your environmental impact, as soon as you can. But […]

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The ultimate cheat sheet for navigating methane emissions at COP26

Is Biden really going to start taxing cow farts? Why do people keep describing methane emissions in annoying corporate terms like responsibly sourced-differentiated-mine’s-better-than-yours gas? All the methane questions you were too scared to ask, answered: 1. New kid on the block CO2 is like methane’s older sister: taller, louder, and stealing all the limelight. But methane […]

28 October 2021 Read more

MiQ Registry

Are you an energy buyer, producer or auditor? Register for free access to the digital MiQ Registry of certified natural gas.

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Read the frequently asked questions below that cover the who, what, why, when, and where of MiQ.

1. What does MiQ stand for?

MiQ stands for Methane Intelligence.

2. What is MiQ?

MiQ has one simple goal: rapidly reducing methane emissions in the oil and gas sector by certifying natural gas. 

MiQ has developed a Standard that provides a robust, transparent, and reliable grading method (A-F) to certify natural gas according to its methane emissions performance during production. 

The Standard assesses three criteria: 

  1. Methane intensity 
  2. Monitoring Technology Deployment 
  3. Operating practices that promote a culture of emissions management and continuous improvement 

MiQ accredited independent auditors perform the assessment and MiQ issues tradeable certificates. These certificates are stored on the MiQ Digital Registry. 

As a Foundation, our work is not for profit. 

3. How do MiQ Certificates work?

Certification assesses methane emissions from upstream natural gas production, natural gas (including associated gas) produced at onshore and offshore facilities, and by the end of 2021, along the full supply chain including LNG and pipelines.   

Producers will be awarded a grade across an A-F scale to reflect the variations in the methane intensity of gas produced at different platforms. The table below shows the levels we use to grade: 

MiQ and its auditors assess the methane emissions at facility (asset or platform) level.  

Our granular approach can also mean that different facilities operated by the same company can end up with a different grading. This will help producers improve the right assets or components within their facility. 

For each unit (1 MMBtu) of gas produced at a certified facility, the producer will receive an MiQ certificate in their account on the MiQ Digital registry monthly.

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