MiQ is the fastest growing and most trusted methane emissions certification standard

We are certifying over 5% of the global gas supply, working with the world’s biggest producers.

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11 billion MiQ certificates on the registry
24Bcf/d Daily volume of MiQ certified gas
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Independently Certified Gas

MiQ has pioneered the use of independently certified gas (ICG) to provide the data needed to drive change on global methane emissions.

Any accredited, independent auditing firm can use our standard to provide an honest, data-led grade, allowing higher and lower emissions gas to be identified across the supply chain – incentivising improvement across the board.

Driven by innovative technology

We’re the world’s first certification system to grade gas on methane emissions, but we can’t do it alone. 
Our standard encourages a wide range of cutting-edge methane detection and abatement technologies.

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Globally applicable yet granular

Emissions don’t happen in isolation and the world needs end-to-end understanding of how and when they happen, including when gas travels across the oceans.

MiQ’s Certified Supply Chain covers the whole supply chain – allowing buyers to assess methane emissions from start to finish. We certify at asset level to provide a clear understanding of where and how emissions occur in each part of the supply chain.

Digital Registry

The MiQ Digital Registry is the single source of truth on MiQ Certificates, tracking independently certified gas from production through to retirement. 
A secure virtual ledger where all MiQ Certificates are held from issuance to retirement, the Digital Registry creates transparency about methane emissions, prevents double-counting and enables end users to claim the environmental credentials for their GHG reporting.

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Vital and immediate

Methane emissions are driving climate change, and with a global warming potential of more than 80 times greater than CO2 in a 20-year time frame, the time to act is now.

The oil and gas industry emits the equivalent of 7bn tonnes of CO2 per year8 times the emissions from global aviation.

We already have the tools to avoid around 75% of these emissions at little to no cost today, providing a quick and effective way to avert one of our most pressing climate risks.