Our Vision

MiQ has pioneered the use of Independently Certified Gas (ICG) to accelerate the wholesale reduction of methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. We are working with the world’s biggest oil and gas producers to provide the data to drive change.

MiQ believes in a 100% renewable future, but immediate methane abatement is vital to meet global climate targets. Methane is 84x more potent than CO2 over a 20 year period, so reducing it helps buy us time as a we transition to a world run on clean energy.

Here are the facts:

  1. Human-made methane emissions increased by 1.3 percent every year for the last decade, and by 1.7 percent in 2018 alone.
  2. The oil and gas industry emits the equivalent of 7bn tonnes of CO2 every year but has the tools to abate up to 5.7bn tonnes by 2030, roughly equal to the emissions from the entire global road transport fleet.
  3. This would get us nearly 20% toward halving annual GHG emissions and is equivalent to taking 1.2bn cars off the road.

Our generation has the facts and the technology to do something that no other generation has been able or willing to do. Independently Certified Gas is not the long-term solution – that lies in creating sustainable clean energy sources – but in the short term it can help drive lasting changes in the way gas is produced, which ultimately makes the atmosphere cleaner.

The Team

Georges Tijbosch

Chief Executive Officer

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Sunny Uberoi

Head of Public Affairs

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Lara Owens

Director, Science and Technology

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Tim Marsters

Head of Markets and Operations

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Ben Webster

Director, Policy

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Sharon Paterson

Director, Business Development

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Saskia Howsam

Operations Manager

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Ian Corner

Chief Financial Officer

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Michael Rabbani

Director, Standards and Certification

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