Technical Information Introduction

Methane emissions vary enormously across facilities worldwide, from well managed facilities to the other end of the scale.

MiQ is the fastest growing and most trusted methane emissions certification standard, finally providing transparency on methane emissions.

The MiQ Standard

The MiQ Standard is an independent framework for assessing methane emissions from the production of natural gas, along with the policies and practices of the producers making it.

It is used by our independent auditors as a ‘rulebook’ for assessing how well a producer or facility is doing in terms of managing methane emissions from its operations.

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Certified Supply Chain

MiQ’s unique Certified Supply Chain assesses data points across the natural gas supply chain, from wellhead to midstream to LNG regasification, providing the sector with the data it needs to act on emissions.

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Governance Structure

We believe that governance is essential to ensuring the independence of the MiQ Standard and our certification process. That’s why, while the MiQ Foundation is responsible for maintaining the MiQ Standard and accrediting third-party auditors, we rely on independent auditors to assess operators facilities and report the certification results, and on tech providers to detect and abate emissions from operators’ facilities.

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MiQ Registry

Are you an energy buyer, producer or auditor? Register for free access to the digital MiQ Registry of certified natural gas.

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For organisations looking to learn more about MiQ’s Standard and how to become certified or use the registry, you can download our technical documents here.

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How the MiQ Registry works

Please watch our tutorial videos below.

  • The MiQ Registry

Overview of the MiQ Digital Registry

  • The MiQ Registry

Using Accounts and Transferring Certificates

  • The MiQ Registry

Introduction to Registry Accounts