MiQ Supply Chain Protocol

Natural gas supply chain emissions are critical for an informed marketplace and to help drive down methane leakage across the globe. The MiQ Supply Chain Protocol aims to equip buyers, importers, and industrial end-users with in-depth, well-to-gate emissions so stakeholders can make more informed decisions to reduce the impact of methane emissions on the environment immediately.

Currently, there isn’t enough certified, high-quality data available across the globe, nor standardized metrics, to support this need. With 2030 climate targets in sight, we cannot wait any longer for perfection.

MiQ’s Supply Chain Protocol constructs complete well-to-gate emission profiles, until such time that credibly measured, third-party audited and certified emissions are available for each segment of the supply chain across the globe. This protocol applies accepted Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles under ISO 14044 to combine and evaluate heterogenous data sources – certified and uncertified – and note the quality of each data methodology using Data Quality Indicator (DQIs).

MiQ encourages the adoption of this framework by regulators, certifiers, importers, and gas end-users.