MiQ’s technology ecosystem

Operators can work with a wide range of technology partners to achieve MiQ Certification, ranging from detection to data solutions, equipment providers, analytics, and audit prep and implementation.

View a list of providers that operators undergoing MiQ Certification are already working with below.

This is not comprehensive and other vendors can be used for achieving MiQ certification.

Montrose Environmental provides leak detection and fugitive emissions solutions using Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) and continuous monitoring technology.

Solutions: Optical Gas Imaging, fixed point sensors, truck mounted detection, mobile detection, and LDAR program development

Contact: info@montrose-env.com

Arolytics provides modelling, software, and consulting solutions to support companies in the planning and execution of MiQ certification and beyond.

Solution: Emissions Modelling for MiQ measurement programs, data and consulting support for planning and ongoing implementation of certification

Contact: info@arolytics.com

Baker Hughes offers a suite of emissions management solutions encompassing measurement and quantification, advanced analytics, insights for optimization, and abatement solutions.

Solutions: Flare.IQ for continuous emission measurement, ICL zero emission compressor and pipeline gas recompression

Contact: Raman.Hanjra@bakerhughes.com

Bridger Photonics offers methane detection, imaging, quantification, and pinpoint localization.

Solutions: Aerial based sensors

Contact info: info@bridgerphotonics.com

ChampionX Emissions Technologies provides a portfolio of methane monitoring, localization and quantification solutions and optical gas imaging services.

Solutions: Ground based continuous methane sensors, SOOFIE; Scientific Aviation’s Manned aircraft and drone based aerial methane monitoring; ground-based and helicopter-based optical gas imaging services

Contact info: sales@scientificaviation.com

Earthview provide a continuous, fence line point sensor approach that detects, locates and quantifies emissions in near real-time.

Solutions: Fixed point sensor networks with cloud-based algorithms

Contact info: info@earthview.io

Ecotec provides turnkey methane emissions solutions including field measurement, monitoring, quantification and a complete data collection, analytics, and emissions reporting platform.

Solutions: Tunable diode laser (TDL) based methane measurement and detection technologies

Contact info: miq@ecotecco.com

GHGSat offers global top-down and high-resolution methane detection and quantification.

Solutions: Satellites, aircraft, and data analytics

Contact info: info@ghgsat.com

Highwood offers the MiQ Readiness Check service to assess an operator’s current state and design a path towards certification.

Solution: Management of MiQ process, advice on documentation, procedures, and practices


Kairos Aerospace provides aerial methane detection and quantification.

Solutions: Aerial solution using light aircraft

Contact info: jhermann@kairosaerospace.com

Kuva Systems provides a fully automated, image-based, continuous methane monitoring and quantification solution.

Solutions: Industrial IoT solution and infrared imaging system

Contact info: info@kuvasystems.com

LongPath Technologies provides detection and quantification of specific emissions.

Solutions: Long range laser network

Contact info: caroline.alden@longpathtech.com

Qube offers continuous methane detection, quantification and localisation.

Solutions: Fixed point sensors using calibrated metal oxide and electrochemical sensors

Contact info: info@qubeiot.com

Radicle provides organizations with opportunities to generate carbon credits for their methane emissions reduction activities using software for the quantification of GHG emissions.

Solutions: GHG inventory and carbon credit generation software

Contact info: bbarlow@radiclebalance.com

Satelytics offers methane detection and quantification using high resolution satellite imagery. Powered by AI, their cloud-based analytics produce actionable alerts within hours of data capture, including source location, plume concentration and flow rate.

Solutions:  Actionable methane leak measurements and alerts

Contact info: info@satelytics.com

Schlumberger End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES) offers technology to measure, quantify, report, and reduce methane emissions, supported by a digital platform that synthesizes data from all measurement sources.

Solutions: Planning (selecting the optimal combination of measurement tools), measurement (satellite, airplane, drone, handheld, continuous sensor), and reduction (facility audit, vapor recovery, instrument air, low-emissions valves)

Contact info: GErol@slb.com

Scientific Aviation provides atmospheric research and emissions quantification.

Solution: Scientific Aviation’s Manned aircraft and drone-based aerial methane monitoring

Contact info: sales@scientificaviation.com

SeekOps provides sensors and actionable analytics to support decarbonization efforts.

Solutions: Methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQTM)

Contact info: info@seekops.com

Intero – The Sniffers provides emission management programs, software and measurements, as well as services to maintain pipeline integrity.

Solutions: Emission management software, Measurement, OGI camera screening, fixed points sensors, aerial surveys

Contact info: philippe.guldemont@intero-integrity.com

SOOFIE is a ground-based technology providing continuous emissions monitoring and alerts.

Solution: Ground based continuous methane sensors

Contact info: sales@scientificaviation.com

WestGen provides clean technologies that support certifiable net zero energy production.

Solutions: Remote power generation and instrument air packages

Contact info: info@westgentech.com

Validere offers fully integrated software workspace for emissions that integrates operations and production data with top down measurement.

Solutions: Automated data engineering, smart diagnostics, forecasting & predictive modeling, trusted emissions advisor

Contact info: contact@validere.com

GreenPath provides solutions for eliminating methane emissions through detection, measurement, actionable data, engineering and technology deployment.

Solution: Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), LDAR program development, ALT-FEMP Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Monitoring Deployment, Direct Measurement, Emission Management Software, GHG inventory, Strategic Consulting

Contact info: info@greenpathenergy.com

Sensirion Connected Solutions’ “Nubo Sphere” provides an end-to-end solution for methane emissions monitoring. It offers detection, localization, and quantification of methane emissions, combined with analytics and emissions management software for alerting and reporting.

Solutions: Ground-based, fixed point sensor network using calibrated metal-oxide sensors (1st Nubo Sphere generation)

Contact info: nubo@sensirion.com

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