MiQ's Registry

Are you an energy buyer, producer or auditor? Register for free access to the MiQ Digital Registry.

The MiQ Digital Registry is the single source of truth on MiQ Certificates, tracking the environmental attributes of certified gas from production through to retirement.

The MiQ Registry is the secure, digital ledger where all MiQ Certificates are held throughout their lifecycle – from issuance to retirement. Holding everything centrally provides gas buyers and sellers with transparency about methane emissions, prevents the double-counting of certificates and enables end users to claim the environmental credentials for their GHG reporting.

Each MiQ Registry user buyer and seller has a unique login to access their account and data. The Registry has an ultra-low fee structure.

The Registry is fundamental to our pledge to bring greater transparency to the natural gas market. To learn more please read our program guide.

How the MiQ Registry works

Please watch our tutorial videos below.

  • The MiQ Registry

Overview of the MiQ Digital Registry

  • The MiQ Registry

Introduction to Registry Accounts

  • The MiQ Registry

Using Accounts and Transferring Certificates

  • The MiQ Registry