Governance Structure

Our governance structure is essential to ensuring the independence of the MiQ Standard and our certification process. While the MiQ Foundation is responsible for maintaining the MiQ Standard and accrediting third-party auditors, we rely on these independent auditors to assess operator’s facilities and report the certification results, and on tech providers to detect and abate emissions from operators’ facilities. We also rely on Evident to manage the MiQ Digital Registry and issue MiQ Certificates.

Building an independent and third-party audited system


MiQ Foundation

The independent not-for-profit MiQ Foundation has several major responsibilities: 

  1. Design, improve, and manage all aspects of the MiQ Standard, including development of additional segments to cover the entire natural gas supply chain. Each step is accompanied by stakeholder consultations and careful incorporation of feedback.
  2. Engage in the debates, development, and improvement of other  natural gas certification standards or abatement programs in the voluntary and regulated sectors.
  3. Accredit (“approve” third-party auditors (also called Verifiers or Certification Bodies)
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MiQ Digital Registry

Evident operates the MiQ Digital Registry. They are responsible for managing the accounts, recording results of audits, and digital and secure tracking of the MiQ Certificates.
MiQ has designated Evident as the MiQ certificate issuer. They audit reports and monthly production data, issue and update MiQ Certificates, and approve the retirement of MiQ Certificates.
Evident is separately the central issuer for the I-REC Standard, with more than 20 years experience of providing renewable energy certification for consumers around the globe.

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Third Party Auditors

Third Party Auditors (also called Certification Bodies or Verifiers) carry out the necessary audits of facilities (also called assets) across the natural gas supply chain. They assure that the requirements defined in the MiQ Standard are met by operators. Third Party Auditors must be accredited by the MiQ Foundation before they can perform audits against the Standard.


Tech Providers

Operators can work with a wide range of independent technology providers to achieve MiQ Certification, ranging from detection to data solutions, analytics, and audit prep, and implementation. Tech providers must be accredited by the MiQ Foundation.

Tech providers