Certification basics

Oil and gas operators need independent, third-party verification of their methane emissions to meet demand from buyers, regulators, investors, and consumers.
MiQ Certification delivers this.
Operators can get certified quickly and by:
1. Reviewing the MiQ Standard and meeting with the MiQ team
2. Engaging an MiQ accredited auditor
3. Signing up to the MiQ Registry

The benefits of certified gas for operators

MiQ Certification provides operators the data needed to understand and reduce methane emissions.

The benefits of MiQ Certification:
– Quick and inexpensive
– Independent, third-party verification
– Preparation for regulation

MiQ Certification is also the only benchmark that meets new EU requirements for source-level reporting and third-party verification, and will enable regulatory compliance for exporters targeting the EU market.

Participating operators

Get certified

Want to know more about:

– How to get your assets certified?
– Which companies are accredited as auditors?
– The range of technology vendors available?

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