FT Commodities Global Summit 2023

Panel Discussion: Tracking Supply Chain Emissions

Can the industry come together and share data to accurately track supply chain emissions for energy, metals and minerals? There is a growing effort and regulations to encourage tracking emissions in metals production. As reporting requirements for supply chain emissions start to kick in, why is it so hard to get this data from suppliers? And are consumers willing to pay more for low-carbon material?

MIQ Speakers

Georges Tijbosch

Chief Executive Officer

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21st March


17:05 BST




External speakers

Emiko Terazono (Moderator): Commodities Correspondent, Financial Times

Shruti Kashyap: Head of Global Trading, CRU

Matt Babin: Head of Energy and Natural Resources, Palantir Technologies

Matthew Chamberlain: CEO, LME

Adam Hearne: Co-Founder & CEO, CarbonChain