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Can I cancel a transfer of Certificates?

Once a transfer of ICG Certificates has been approved by an organisation’s user, it cannot be cancelled. There is a multi-step process in place to allow you to check the details of transfers before you approve them.

How do I transfer Certificates?

The transfer process is explained in the videos on our website. Please scroll down to the videos on this page. The step-by-step process is also described (with screenshots) in the Account Holder User Guide which is available here.

How many accounts will we have or need?

The number of accounts will depend on how you want to manage your activities. You will need at least one Trading Account. If you are making retirements for your own consumption and/or the consumption of your buyers, you will need at least one Retirement Account.

How many accounts can my organisation hold?

An organisation may create as many accounts as it wants. There is no charge for additional accounts.

What types of accounts are available?

There are two types of accounts: Trading Accounts and Retirement Accounts. Trading Accounts are used to hold ICG Certificates. Trading Accounts can receive transfers of ICG Certificates from other accounts and can be used to make transfers to other accounts. Retirement Accounts hold ICG Certificates that have been retired.

How do I view the ICG Certificates in my account?

Log in to the MiQ Digital Registry and select the Accounts menu tab.

A video for Account Holders describing how to use accounts is available on our website.

More information is available in the User Guides which are available here.