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How long are Certificates valid for?

Certificates expire 36 months following the last day of the issue month. After that time, certificates can no longer be transferred or retired. They will be flagged as expired in your account. A certificate issued for June 2022, for example, must be retired by the end of June 2025, otherwise it will expire.

How do I obtain evidence of my Certificates?

Certificates exist digitally and are visible in user’s registry accounts.

Transfers of Certificates are evidenced by the digital transfer and receipt into the destination account (much like a bank account).

Assignments and Retirements are evidenced digitally but PDF retirement statements are available and can be corroborated on the MiQ Digital Registry website using a unique link and code.

How can I find out which facilities or operators are certified?

A list of all certified facilities is available here.

Which Certification Standards are tracked on the MiQ Registry?

The MiQ Digital Registry currently holds certificates for facilities that have been audited under one or both the MiQ Standard for Methane Emissions Performance and the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development. Certificates for further certification standards may be added in the future.

How can I find out more information about the MiQ Registry?

Please visit our Digital Registry page for more information or you can visit the MiQ Digital Registry itself. The operational procedures of the MiQ Digital Registry are set out in the MiQ Program Guide, which can be found here.