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What if I transact Certificates in combination with physical natural gas? Do I need to amend my gas master agreement such as an NAESB?

In partnership with an international law firm, MiQ has developed a Certificate Trade Agreement that can be used as a template trade agreement for transacting ICG Certificates. This agreement is available here.

If you wish to include ICG Certificates as part of a physical natural gas transaction, then you will need to consider adding specific terms to reflect the sale, purchase, and delivery of the ICG Certificates. You may be able to include the concepts and language in the MiQ Certificate Trade Agreement in your confirmation or as an amendment to your master agreement.

None of the MiQ Foundation, its affiliates, its representatives and/or its legal counsel involved in the development, preparation and approval of the Single Trade Agreement shall be liable or otherwise responsible for its use and any damages or losses resulting out of its use in any particular case and in whatever jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of each party wishing to use the template agreement to ensure that its terms and conditions are appropriate, legally binding, valid, and enforceable and best serve to protect the user’s legal interest. Users of the template agreement are urged to consult their own counsel in all respects.

What terms should I use when I buy or sell Certificates?

You should take your own legal advice on the terms and conditions that you use to buy or sell ICG Certificates whether in combination with natural gas or otherwise.