What is MiQ?

Founded by RMI and SYSTEMIQ in 2020, MiQ is the fastest growing and most trusted climate tech not-for-profit undertaking cutting-edge work to reduce methane emissions in the oil and gas sector. Our mission is to differentiate the entire natural gas supply chain by 2030. We pioneered the use of Independently Certified Gas (ICG) to accelerate widespread reduction of methane emissions from oil and gas, and we are working with the world’s biggest oil and gas producers to provide the data to drive change.

MiQ’s Methane Standard provides a transparent, robust and data-informed grading method to certify natural gas according to its methane emissions performance during production. MiQ-accredited independent auditors perform these assessments. MiQ’s certified supply chain is comprehensive, covering from wellhead to midstream to LNG regasification, providing the sector with data on methane emissions from start to finish.

MiQ has created a market for certified gas and is working with several exchanges and platforms to facilitate trading of certified gas and MiQ Certificates.

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