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Methane: COP26

Over the last week, methane has firmly taken centre stage. We’ve seen the launch of the International Methane Emissions Observatory, the Global Methane Pledge, a new action plan from the US, lots of leaders & companies promising to do the right thing. The level of ambition is fantastic and could lead to environmental and economic […]

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MiQ partners with Comstock Resources, Inc to certify natural gas production

MiQ will certify gas produced from the Haynesville Shale in North Louisiana and East Texas  Comstock Resources to work with MiQ to differentiate natural gas according to methane intensity      Certification part of company’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions    MiQ and Comstock Resources, Inc. (NYSE: CRK) have announced a partnership to independently certify natural gas produced in the Haynesville Shale.   Comstock will use the MiQ Standard, a framework that assesses and grades methane emissions intensity, enhanced monitoring technology deployment, and […]

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An Open Letter to Oil and Gas Executives

Why your company risks losing its competitive edge to methane emissions Dear CEOs, We understand – you’ve got a big job on your hands. You’re under pressure from all sides: regulators, investors, and consumers, all clamouring for you to demonstrate that you’re taking steps to reduce your environmental impact, as soon as you can. But […]

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The ultimate cheat sheet for navigating methane emissions at COP26

Is Biden really going to start taxing cow farts? Why do people keep describing methane emissions in annoying corporate terms like responsibly sourced-differentiated-mine’s-better-than-yours gas? All the methane questions you were too scared to ask, answered: 1. New kid on the block CO2 is like methane’s older sister: taller, louder, and stealing all the limelight. But methane […]

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Profit equals conflict? It does in the world of certified natural gas

If an aircraft manufacturer declared that its most crash-prone aircraft was safe, would you take a flight in it? Was the reliance on market discipline and self-regulatory mechanisms a factor in the financial crisis of 2008? As these questions make clear, there will always be an ongoing tension as to whether companies or sectors should […]

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What is the Methane Supply Index and how could it work?

Solving the regulatory puzzle of methane emissions from imported natural gas. Regulators and Governments across the EU are being faced with a particularly tricky puzzle. As they source and import gas to power their domestic operations, how can they monitor, and reduce, methane emissions? We can think of the EU’s gas network like an expansive […]

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S&P Global – Certified natural gas: Midstream sector begins embracing concept, standards

S&P Global Platts’ Kelsey Hallahan and Emmanuel Corral examine the growth of certified natural gas based on environmental standards.

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Natural Gas World – MiQ: the case for voluntary action

Lara Owens spoke to Joseph Murphy at Natural Gas World about MiQ welcoming the incoming regulation, but still seeing voluntary action as playing a crucial role in addressing emissions.

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Inform and Reform: Methane emissions in LNG

The role of independent certification in incentivising methane emissions abatement in the global LNG market.

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S&P Global – ExxonMobil is latest US producer to seek certification of some natural gas output

S&P Global Platts’s Harry Weber covers the announcement that Exxon Mobil is to seek certification of its natural gas production based on methane emissions.

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Bloomberg – Exxon to Have Gas Graded for Methane Leaks Amid Climate Push

Bloomberg Green’s Kevin Crowley writes on Exxon Mobil’s partnership with MiQ and its plans to seek certification of some of its natural gas production in the Permian Basin.

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Reuters – Exxon to begin certifying some shale gas emissions amid investor pressure

Sabrina Valle at Reuters reports that Exxon Mobil has partnered with MiQ and become the latest U.S. natural gas producer to seek certification of its production based on methane emissions.

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ExxonMobil to Certify Natural Gas using MiQ Standard

Today ExxonMobil has announced their commitment to begin using MiQ’s A-F certification process for natural gas.

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Redefining Energy – Methane, the invisible elephant in the room

Listen to an in-depth interview with MiQ’s Senior Advisor Georges Tijbosch on the latest Redefining Energy podcast, ‘Methane – the invisible elephant in the room’.

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Essential Elements: Why MiQ’s certification is the regulator’s best option

As we go about our lives as consumers, we’re faced with limitless choices. How can you pick between a pair of running shoes all with marginally different benefits; thousands of ovens with slightly different cooking times; hairdryers with 50 different settings you didn’t know you needed?  It can be incredibly confusing to differentiate between brands, products and price points. But at least as consumers, we know the products we invest in all generally adhere […]

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S&P Global – MiQ nears start of issuing methane emissions certificates

Stuart Elliott of S&P Global Platts interviews George Tijbosch ahead of first issuance of MiQ certificates.

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Methane: A Threat to People and Planet

Methane is out of control and we need to manage it—to protect people and the planet.

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Energy Monitor – How pricing methane from the oil and gas industry can slash emissions

Justin Gerdes from Energy Monitor reports on the MiQ Standard, citing Georges Tijbosch’s comments on how MiQ Certification will incentivise the oil and gas industry to slash emissions and bring a level playing field for the sector.

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The Methane Moment: An Interview with Debbie Gordon

Debbie Gordon is a senior principal in the Climate Intelligence Program at RMI, where she leads the Oil and Gas Solutions Initiative.

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Financial Times – Sliding US power emissions still lag Biden’s ambitions

The Financial Times Energy Source newsletter mentions MiQ and quotes Georges Tijbosch in a section on the EU methane regime’s impact on US LNG.

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