MiQ Certification helps gas buyers better understand what they’re buying and the impact it is having on the planet. Our A-F grading provides the transparency that buyers and their consumers demand, as everyone works to protect the planet.

Creating a data-led grading means buyers can choose between higher emissions and lower emissions gas, which will incentivise improvement across the board.

MiQ provides reliable and verified metrics on methane emission performance, that fit into broader GHG accounting objectives (Scope 3). Our Certified Supply Chain (CSC), which covers the whole natural gas supply chain, allows operators to assess methane emissions from start to finish. The CSC enables gas buyers to compare – for the first time – the upstream methane emissions of purchased gas on a level playing field.

MiQ applies the same methodology to each segment of the supply chain to provide comparable emission performance figures that reliably describe overall environmental impact of each batch of gas.

MiQ Certificates are issued based on actual natural gas volumes produced and producers’ performance, with the ability to subsequently add the performance of each segment involved– from gathering and boosting, processing, transport via pipeline or LNG, and storage – into the final distribution network.

Each stage of the supply chain is then given a methane intensity grade that feeds into the overall grade for the final MiQ Certificate.

MiQ zones encompass regional market areas to ensure liquidity while allowing to track transfer of gas and certificates from one zone to another.