Intrepid Resources agrees to MiQ certification for its future US onshore gas production

Intrepid Resources LLC (“Intrepid”) has signed an agreement with the not-for-profit foundation MiQ – the leading market standard for methane emissions performance in the United States – to pursue natural gas certification in its future US onshore assets.

The certification process will include an independent assessment of the company’s emissions performance from the wellhead to delivery, focused on monitoring and best practices, with validation by a third-party auditor.

This agreement reflects Intrepid’s commitment to natural gas as a key fuel for a just energy transition to a lower carbon future and aligns with the company’s goals to upgrade operations in acquired assets. In line with its Stewardship corporate value, Intrepid will endeavor to certify its natural gas assets to MiQ’s Independently Certified Gas (ICG) methane standards.

“We are fully committed to producing natural gas safely and responsibly to meet the energy needs of the future,” said Charlie Chambers, Founder and CEO. “Intrepid’s highly experienced industry professionals are looking forward to demonstrating our capabilities and processes by working alongside MiQ to drive down the methane emissions of our future gas production assets.”

“Eliminating oil and gas methane emissions this decade is vital to combat climate change. We welcome Intrepid’s commitment to undergo independent certification of the methane emissions from its future facilities against MiQ’s world-leading methane standard. MiQ certification will provide Intrepid’s customers with full transparency on the methane emissions related to the gas they are purchasing.”

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