MiQ’s ecosystem includes operators, methane tech providers, gas buyers and traders, independent auditors, regulators and governments, and financial institutions, all involved in our mission to abate methane emissions from the oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas Operators

Oil and gas operators looking to demonstrate their commitment to reducing methane emissions.

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Methane Tech

Methane technology providers looking to work with operators to achieve MiQ Certification.

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Gas Buyers 
& Traders

Gas buyers and traders looking to understand what they’re buying and its impact on the planet.

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Methane emissions management, calculation, and monitoring experts looking to assess operators against the MiQ standard.

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 & Governments

Regulators and governments looking to implement a certification standard for methane emissions performance across the oil & gas supply chain.

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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions looking for transparency on methane emissions for investments, M&A transactions, and divestments.

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Technical Information Introduction

Methane emissions vary enormously across facilities worldwide, from well engineered, well managed facilities to the other end of the scale.

MiQ is the fastest growing and most trusted methane emissions certification standard, finally providing transparency on methane emissions.

Here are the technical bits.

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MiQ Registry

Are you an energy buyer, producer or auditor? Sign up for free access to the Digital MiQ Registry of certified natural gas.