MiQ Certification provides operators the data needed to understand and reduce methane emissions.

The benefits of MiQ Certification:

- Quick and inexpensive
- Independent, third-party verification
- Preparation for regulation

MiQ Participating Operators

MiQ Certification enables operators to credibly demonstrate their commitment to reducing methane emissions, and a determination to be transparent and accountable for their product and processes.

MiQ’s Methane Standard is underpinned by independence which makes it the world’s most trusted. MiQ is independent of:

  1. Operators
  2. Third-party auditors
  3. Tech & data providers

The MiQ Standard scores production based on how well operators deploy integrated technologies to detect, measure and abate emissions while also including a detailed assessment of policies, designs, and work practices that evaluate an operator’s preparedness to prevent future methane emissions.

The MiQ Standard is also the only benchmark that meets new EU requirements for source-level reporting and third-party verification, and will enable regulatory compliance for exporters targeting the EU market.

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The MiQ Standard

The MiQ Standard is an independent framework for assessing methane emissions from the production of natural gas, along with the policies and practices of the producers making it.

MiQ’s Certified Supply Chain

MiQ’s Certified Supply Chain assesses data points across the whole supply chain, from wellhead to midstream to LNG regasification, providing the sector with the data it needs to act on emissions. 

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