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MiQ CEO Georges Tijbosch responds to the Biden Administration’s announcement on LNG exports

“This federal review is being used to hold the LNG industry accountable because operators have failed to be transparent on emissions. The MiQ-Highwood Index shows the average methane leakage of US LNG exported to Europe is 2.2% before it hits liquefaction. That means, if there are further leaks during the transportation of the LNG, it can have a worse climate impact than coal.”

“If LNG is to be an energy solution in the medium term during the energy transition, its greenhouse gas emissions must be lower than coal. The tools already exist for the LNG industry to prove that the gas it exports is low methane leakage: Nearly 20% of US natural gas production is now independently certified by MiQ as having emissions of less than 0.2% in production alone. LNG exporters need to step up and have the emissions of their assets and gas purchased verified by third party auditors, so that they can prove their LNG is a net positive for the climate compared to coal.”

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