MiQ is designed to be adopted by regulators or governments, who can rely on MiQ to implement a rigorous Performance or Import Standard.

MiQ Certification provides a credible, enforceable certification standard for methane performance that can help meet and substantiate regional and national climate and emissions targets.

As a market-based solution that transcends global borders, MiQ Certification ensures that imported gas is differentiated based on its methane emissions performance. This is particularly relevant for international flows of gas, such as LNG.

MiQ’s asset-level approach provides comparability and the granularity needed to gradually improve methane emissions performance without the risk of disrupting supply.

MiQ’s first-of-its-kind Certified Supply Chain, which covers the whole natural gas supply chain, allows operators to assess methane emissions from start to finish. Buyers can use this data to report their Scope 3 emissions, relying upon MiQ Certificates.

MiQ’s independence and strict governance principles ensure credible and transparent emissions data to differentiate on a fair and rigorous basis.