MiQ Certification is carried out by independent, verified auditors who have proven expertise in methane emissions management, calculation and monitoring in the oil and gas sector. Auditors are required to have stringent processes in place to retain integrity, transparency and trust.

Operators we work with must engage an auditor to carry out a detailed and rigorous assessment of natural gas production at facility level against the MiQ Standard, which they pay for. Auditors will assess the facility during various phases of the certification process, including a final, compulsory, look back audit.

The MiQ Standard is quantitative and assessed at facility level to ensure granularity and accuracy. We are technology neutral and constantly looking for ways to improve the Standard and the Certification process.

We are very proud to be working with a growing list of auditors, who help MiQ to constantly improve the Standard. If you would like to join us as an auditor, please contact us.

Our Auditors